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Fox 31 News Interview
with pictures of the interview

  • On Friday, April 11, 2003, we received a telephone call from Tammy Vigil of Fox 31 News (her name is pronounced "vee-hill"). Seems she had been going through the court papers in Denver and noticed our lawsuit. At first she thought was MLBP suing us but when she realized we were suing them, she said she thought there was a great local interest story there, "a David and Goliath" story. We agreed to meet her on Sunday for an interview.
  • On Sunday, April 15, they arrived right on schedule at noon.
  • Interviews require some background and prepapration. They disucssed camera shots and angles with Karen and hashed over what other shots they wanted for airing. We did not take pictures during the taping because we didn't want the flash to mess up their takes.
  • They shot a sequence outside as well. Picture #1 shows them getting the camera in position. Picture #2 show them discussing the shot. Picture #3 shows Tammy rehearsing her lines while the camera is put into final position.
  • Fox 31 News attempted to contact MLBP for comment but MLBP did not return their calls.
  • A short "teaser" aired during the 5PM news. During the first 30 minutes of the 9PM news they aired another "teaser" of about one minute. During the second half of the news they aired the full piece which ran almost two minutes. Needless to say, we taped it.
  • Fox 31 News sells video tapes of news segments. Details are available on their web site at (This information is for Bryan Day and Ethan Orlinsky.)

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