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Page added -November 11, 2017

Example #3 of the Bro-Mance between Joey and "Mitch"

From /

This appears to be just another chest-beating selfie but on an Australian web site. How many Australians need a California-based personal injury and wrongful death lawyer? Ponder that a while.

Each partner at Jackson & Wilson is a top “AV” rated trial lawyer. An “AV” rating identifies a lawyer and firm with very high to preeminent legal ability and is the highest reflection of expertise, experience, integrity and overall professional excellence. Martindale-Hubbell ratings are established by attorneys for attorneys and as it states, “clearly indicates a demonstration of the highest professional and ethical standards.”

To get your questions answered quickly and easily or, to learn more about how accident and wrongful death claims and cases work in California, simply give us a call. Also please feel free to explore our educational website at

For immediate answers and help, simply pick up the phone and call using our toll free number 800-661-7044 or email us at We’ve been helping victims of personal injury and wrongful death since 1986 and chances are, we can help you too!

Standing by to help,

Mitch Jackson and Lisa Wilson
Jackson and Wilson, Inc. (Since 1986)
Southern and Northern California
Orange County Office
23161 Mill Creek Drive, Suite 150
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Toll Free No. 800.661.7044
Local No. 949.855.8751

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It's an advertisement! For business in California! On an Australian web site! Really? And look at the first sentence. It sounds like they are trying to give the impression the "law firm" has a lot more than TWO attorneys (according to their web site). So why do we mention this web page? Scrolling down the left column, guess who has a "testimonial" on the same page? You guessed - Joey Vitale.

From /

Like that uncle at the family reunion, our pal Joey is back. With a testimonial. But is it a testimonial for his buddy "Mitch"? We think not but see for yourself. From his "testimonial":

Joey Vitale, through his law firm, Indie Law, helps creatives protect their business and accelerate their success. He give peace of mind to businesses by taking legal concerns off their plates and clarifying what steps they need to take.

Joey is licensed to practice law in Missouri and Illinois, and he counsels creatives across the United States (and globally) on legal issues specific to creatives. After years of litigating on behalf of businesses in the midst of conflicts, Joey now keeps businesses out of the courtroom in the first place. Indie Law specifically focuses on entity formation, trademarks, copyrights, website agreements, and other basic legal documents. is a new cutting-edge legal mastermind community hosted by award winning trial lawyer, Mitch Jackson. It was created to help members embrace digital and expand their brand from local to global! Learn more at

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That is not a testimonial. It is an advertisment for Joey, Joey and more Joey. Why call it a testimonial? Misleading? Yes? Licensed in Illinois and Missouri and looking for clients in Australia? And it is worded like someone else wrote it for him.

Based upon his now deleted pod cast, Fabric Crash Course, he should try to keep his clients out of the courtroom. Harpo Marx could express himself more eloquently and convincingly than how Joey presented his Fabric Crash Course which was filled with far too many ums, uhs and "got it", not to mention what we think was a lot of contradictory and erroneous information. .

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