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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Last updated - June 26, 2011

Mommy Dearest
Diane Wilson Bradshaw

Who is Diane Wilson Bradshaw? After reading the Second Amended Answer filed June 3, 2011, the fist descriptive word that comes to our mind is B-I-T-C-H. The second descriptive word that comes to our mind is L-I-A-R. Now, granted, these are our opinions based upon what we have read and what we believe are logical conclusions. We also believe these are reasonable conclusions and we are going to tell you how and why we came to those conclusions. Perhaps you will come to the same conclusions. Perhaps you will not. Either way, we will continue to believe that Diane Wilson Bradshaw is a lying bitch. Our opinion. Look closely at the picture and you can see fangs.

A lawyer is a direct reflection of the client. All filings are approved by the client. Or at least, they should be. Any client who does not read the papers closely before they are filed is a fool. While we consider Diane Wilson Bradshaw to be a bitch and a liar, we do consider her to be a fool. Her lawyer, the one and only D Scott Hemingway, does not strike us as being very smart or effective. Sounds like a perfect legal partnership under the hot Texas sun. She wants to stomp out her competition using whatever intimidation tactics that are available, however questionable they may be does not appear to concern her, and he does not appear to mind that the legal ethics of his approach are somewhere in the South Seas sipping tropical beverages, nowhere close to the dusty shores of Dallas.

The bottle-blond with the alimony smile has cleverly used her two daughters as the "front men" for her 'bottle cap jewelry" empire. While the original idea may have come from 10-year old Maddie, may have, there really is no way a 10-year old effectively bankrolled the idea with $300 and in two years was "selling 50,000 necklaces per month in less than two year's time" as claimed by her web site. Fourth graders simply do not have the physical stamina, business savvy, credit history, accounting knowledge, etc., to be able to pull this off. Assume it took a few weeks to get the idea that bottle caps were going to catch on. That is, assuming no one else in the whole wide world at her school had never heard of or seen them, it would take some time for the other girls at the school to oh and ah over the idea. There is no such thing as an instantaneous hit. So, after a few weeks, research has to be done about cost, production, distribution, profit, etc. These are not concepts generally taught to grade school children, even in the Great State of Texas. Gearing up to a sales of 50,000 units a month? That takes time, and money, and production, and distribution. From Barbie to Big Sales? Not very likely. Mommy is lying when she says Maddie runs the company and she know it.

We are not saying that it is not possible that Maddie was not using some of her own money at the beginning. It is conceivable that she was buying some things, making a few cap jewelry pieces, and then selling them and making a few bucks. But then Mommy Dearest saw the potential and stepped in and took over. More likely, since bottle cap jewelry had been around for a number of years (Klutz published a book titled CAPSTERS in 2005), Mommy Dearest seized the reins when she saw how well they sold. Where better to invest that alimony cash? It was just a coincidence (sure) that Maddie "invented" bottle cap jewelry a year after CAPSTERS was published nationally. Sweet 10-year old Maddie would not lie about that, now would she?

Just like Maddie would not lie about the fact she "borrowed a lot of artwork" from other copyrighted sources, like Microsoft, and others, for her bottle cap artwork, would she? And these examples of theft and just the one we could find. We are sure there are, or were, others. So, we have established that Maddie Bradshaw is, like Mommy Dearest, a liar. So that makes the "creationist theory" of m3girl designs more than highly suspect. In addition to stealing the artwork of others, m3girl designs continues to infringe upon the rights of Twilight by offering a box set for "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob". Team M3Girl is not too bright. But with Da Scott as coach, what do we really expect? They couldn't steal second base even if the other team hadn't shown up yet.

As we said, the Second Amended Answer filed June 3, 2011, really got us thinking. Instead of simply "Denied", which is standard for competent lawyer, Da Scott was petty, simple-minded, and insulting. As we said, a lawyer is a direct reflection of the client. The answers to #223-226 are examples. Those statements are on the web site for m3girl designs. Does Hemingway not know that? His answers are pure garbage. Did he not consult with his client before responding? Or does Diane Wilson Bradshaw simply not care what is submitted in her name? B-I-T-C-H?

#263. Plaintiff has misled the public to believe that it is managed and operated and all of the designs in its bottle caps are by teenagers Madeline E. Bradshaw and Margot Bradshaw.
Answer: Denied.
That denial is a lie. The interview has been removed from the web site but at one time it was there where it was claimed they did all of their own artwork.

You Can Start A Business, Too! Just steal some ideas, and art work, and then file untenable copyright and trademark claims against anyone who will not bow down and kiss your bottle-blond ass. When the business started, Diane Wilson Bradshaw had to know that the artwork from her then 10-year, 11-year old daughter was not her own creation. Diane Wilson Bradshaw had to know her daughter was not that gifted of an artist. So either Diane Wilson Bradshaw did not ask her precious little Maddie where in the hell did she get the images she was using in the bottle cap jewelry or Diane Wilson Bradshaw chose to ignore the obvious misappropriation of the artwork of others because it suited her business plan: zero expenditures whenever possible. Either way, that makes her a liar to question #263 (see above), #264 and #265, among others. She is responsible for the lies and ethically deficient actions of her attorney. Of which there are many. That peroxide must be penetrating deeper than suspected.

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