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Added September 10, 2019

Last updated - September 10, 2019

"Higher Ground Productions," a Nexflix aligned video company owned and (apparently) operated by Barack and Michelle Obama, "The Obamas", had its trademark application denied by an examiner who said it was too close to an existing trademark registration, "Higher Ground Enterprises".

Options? Change the registered trademark offering to another name, such as say, "We're more important, so bug off!" Or, file a challenge to the existing trademark registration claiming that it is invalid.

Hmmmm. Why do we call this trademark intimidation? Legal filings easily escalate into hundreds of thousands of dollars the longer a court case lingers in the very slow federal court system. The Obamas have the finances, seemingly gleaned from years of "public service", to fund their intimidation effort. Does "Higher Ground Enterprises" have similar deep pockets? We are not sure.

What we believe is that The Obamas are using their financial clout to obtain through intimidation what they could not obtain through a normal legal application process. But considering Barack Obama's past history of outright prevarication, "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor", etc., we seriously doubt if he and his (or is it "hers and his"?), are being honest through their canard-wielding lawyers.

We have often stated that corporate lawyers lie for a living, much as do politicians. Then toss in the arrogance of The Obamas who seem to believe laws do not apply to them because they are fundamentally superior to us peasants. In this case we have both.

For the original USPTO filing, CLICK HERE, PDF file, 16 pages.

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