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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Glenn Harris

Last Updated October 26, 2010<

So, who is this Glenn Harris who appears to run things at the Embroidery Designers Group? From what we have gathered from many emails we have located, he thinks he is God with a sewing machine in his hip pocket.

One thing we have noticed is his use of the word "sharers" with the same tone reserved for child molesters and mass murderers. It also appears that Glenn Harris has set himself up as the High Lord of Vengeance concerning actual or imagined digital embroidery file sharing and theft. It does not take much to imagine Glenn Harris running someone off the road for getting in his way.

On September 19, 2010, Glenn Harris sent out a "welcoming" email to new members of his Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group, now with some 150 members by his estimate. He describes three categories of digitizers: active ones (presumably those who want to fight back), those who "sit back", and a group of 30 in no category (enforcers perhaps?).

"As you know we have a covert team getting the information out, if i see anywhere any of the digitisers talking about this on any group newsletter or where ever, i will remove that digitiser from this, and inform the other digitisers why you will be no longer getting any updates."

So just what is the purpose of this Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group? Tea and crumpets?

"Our operation is growing daily, as we place people with different support positions."

Is Glenn Harris preparing to take over the world? Is he playing with a full deck? In the email, he blacklists the following: Balboa designs, Watts Embroidery, Betty Embroidery and Sick Designs. Seems they do not play nice with others.

On September 20, 2010, Glenn Harris sent out a "bragging" email to members of his Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group.

"We started our journey, going after Ebay sellers of our designs. Considering i was personally told, it was a waste of time and we wouldnt get anywhere. We closed over 40 sellers in the first 3 months, basically what we did was buy the cd's, then give ALOT of negative feedback to the seller."

Whoa. Glenn Harris is bragging that he and his "group" are buying off eBay in order to leave negative feedback? That is against eBay's User Agreement and many policies to do that. So, Glenn Harris feels it perfectly alright to break rules, and a few laws, in order to "get" those he thinks are guilty of sharing and digital embroidery theft?

On September 21, 2010, Glenn Harris sent out an email to members of his Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group talking about Gigatribe. The targeted "sharing" group that they have infiltrated is apparently using Gigatribe as their interface. According to Glenn Harris this sharing group is "extremely suspicious" and he has two accounts with them with no contacts is some six months.

"I have created a covert team of digitisers and we are working as a complete unit, to gather information for you. we have backup people doing specific jobs, trying to identify sharers."

Wow! Just like Mission Impossible or The Unit. Does this "covert team" get to wear camouflage uniforms and carry automatic weapons as they clear society of these scum "sharers"?

On October 14, 2010, Glenn Harris sent out an email to members of his Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group telling all about his past, so it seems. Ten years ago Glenn Harris was a member of a sharing group called Digitisers 99. Yes, he calls it a sharing group. Is that not the same word he uses with the same tone reserved for child molesters and mass murderers? He admits he was "sharing" but dismisses it because in 2004 "no one knew about copyrights". What? In what universe? So, Glenn Harris is rabidly seeking to destroy people today for doing what he was doing 5 to 10 years ago? Did Harris get religion and now he seeks to apply retribution upon all sinners?

On October 17, 2010, Glenn Harris sent out an email to members of his Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group telling them they were coming out of the closet. They were going to scare the begeezus out of the "sharers" by letting them know they existed and that they were watching them. Hot damn - now the fun begins. Clean them muskets and polish those boots. It is war.

On October 18, 2010, Glenn Harris sent out an email to members of his Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group:

"A storm is coming, and with it will bring change"

God has spoken. Glenn Harris then talks about the tracking software:

"The Omega ID Tracker Program was developed specifically for a group of digitisers, each digitiser has a certain exclusive code that is imprinted into the program. No new digitiser will be given this program, as we know for a fact that 3 digitisers are in the sharing group. last thing we need is for the program to be cracked.
We are developing a second program for everyone else to use."

He does not say how large this special group is or any clue as to who might be in it.

On October 20, 2010, Glenn Harris sent out an email to members of his Embroidery-Designers Yahoo group trying to do some damage control.

I just want to clarify a point here, on this page it says 20 digitisers use the omega Program,
it also says
"Please find below a list of some of the digitisers of embroidery designs, that are marking them,
if designs from these digitisers show up in sharing groups. The original buyers details are found instantly"

This does not mean any of those listed are using the Omega Program it just means that you mark your designs.

Whether you mark your designs or not, if you want your site on this page, please email me, I cannot add people without their permission.

That list of designers has stirred up a real hornet's nest. The statement by Glenn Harris that the list only means the digitizer marks their designs it does not mean that some of the companies on the list do not use the ID Tracker. There is no statement to that effect; just one on the other issue. We have no reason to believe that no one on that list uses the ID Tracker. In fact, other web site statements would seem to indicate that many on the list do indeed use the ID Tracker.

We have had several companies on the list claim they were put on the list without their knowledge or their permission. But according to the statement above by Glenn Harris, that is not so. We think those who claim they were used by Glenn Harris and the Embroidery Dersigners Group should take it up with the group to which they belong, not with us.

In his first email on October 21, 2010, Glenn Harris talks some more about eBay and his group's tactics.

"When we first looked at the Ebay problem, we knew we would have to get our hands on what was being sold. So we devised a plan.
First we bought the cd's with our own ebay accounts, if we found copyrighted designs on it, we immedietly gave the seller negative feedback.
Plus I then informed those digitisers whose designs were on that cd. They in turn used the vero program to close down those listings.

We also created several dummy ebay accounts,l which we used to buy listings, but once the auction was won, we bombarded the seller with negative feedback.

If a seller has a negative feedback of 90%, would you be confident to buy from them???"

Whoa there, Skippy. You bombarded the eBay sellers with phony negative feedback? You created dummy accounts with which to do your dirty deeds? Vigilantes at work? Is this not somewhat illegal, unethical and against the eBay policies? But then, as God, Glenn Harris is above all of that, is he not?

In his second email on October 21, 2010, Glenn Harris talks some more about the ID Tracker and his group's tactics concerning Gigatribe.

"I know many of you want the omega program, but its not going to happen, we have a different programmer releasing a different system, then we will take 20 more digitisers and let them use this."

From this statement, it appears a lot of the companies, including those on the infamous list, wanted the ID tracker as soon as it was available. It would appear that those who claim they are not using it would be using it had it been available.

"The new member is the person that originally told us about Gigatribe, she goes by the name of Meip. She would prefer not to use her real name. Please keep this info within this group."

"Our team are. Sapphirrose, Sewin247, Countrybumpkin"

No further comment is needed here.

In his first email on October 22, 2010, Glenn Harris discusses viruses that were deliberately planted on Gigatribe:

"Against my advice, this is what happened. I have been told over 2000 folders, have a malicious virus in them. These have been inserted into Gigatribe. If anyone unzips those files, it will cause no end of problems on their computer."

Is not planting viruses of any type on computers against federal law? Is God outside the jurisdiction of the FBI? Or is it the ABI down under, mate?

In his second email on October 22, 2010, Glenn Harris discusses Gigatribe some more:

"One of the digitisers Craig G. i am told will be taking over the Knock-out-design Gigatribe account, she will be taking everyone in together, Anne feels that by taking in several accounts, then you can help each other."

No further comment is needed here.

In his first of three emails on October 23, 2010, Glenn Harris discusses some changes and threats:

"We have removed all the digitisers details from this page on the website"

"In the last 24 hours, my life has been interesting to say the least. What with death threats, that included some choice dirty wording."

The first effects of our web site posting had hit Glenn Harris and his Embroidery Designers Group and they were not happy. In his second of three emails on October 23, 2010, Glenn Harris discusses our web site:

"you will see this soon, so i will post it here.

I have not spoken to Anne for a few days, so have no idea what she thinks or will do.
I am told and i believe Anne is nothing to do with the espc. The glue is drying on this assumption."

What does glue drying have to do with this? In his third of three emails on October 23, 2010, Glenn Harris minimizes the effects of this web site:

"So, the website has been revamped and there are 2 pages there only.

We expect alot of flak over the next week or so, as notmally happens everything will blow over. also taberone i am told was once a sharer, who the espc targeted, if anyone has information please email to me."

Blow over? really? Watch and see. We have just begun.

And wrong, Skippy. Tabberone is not, nor has she ever been, a "sharer" like one Glenn Harris. And , Glenn, there are two "Bs" in Taberone. What information do you want? We will be happy to provide it for you. And, Tabberone targeted the ESPC, not the other way around. Oh, let us know when you plan to visit the US in 2011. The view in Colorado is great. Do visit.

In his emails on October 24, 2010, like a cockroach exposed to light, Glenn Harris is scurrying for cover. He starts the day with a lengthy email full of flag waving and beating his chest.

"I am not going to run and hide, i am going to continue until the job is done."

Really? A few hours later, Glenn Harris put on his cockroach costume and fled the scene.

" after many conversations with many of you i have decided to move away from the Corporation, and leave Anne Heath altogether.
We have a difference of opinion on many things....."

So, when the going gets tough, Glenn Harris says "Tough, I'm going" and he leaves the others to take the heat. Then, it seems he lies about his involvement with the Omega ID Tracker, trying to distance himself from it, but previous quotes show otherwise. He seemed to be very proud of the ID Tracker before and now he says he never liked the idea? Can we say "two-faced"?

"... plus i have never been comfortable with the Omega program, and the 20 who use it. i have no knowledge who they are and this does concern me."

It seems that Glenn "Cockroach" Harris likes to run things until everything falls apart and then he runs. He showed no concern until his ID Tracker was exposed and now he wants to distance himself from it. Sounds a bit like a politician, does he not?

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