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November 18, 2008 - Content has not been altered except to remove a few extraneous characters and correct two errors.

Ed Hardy Obtains Preliminary Injunction Against JLJ Inc.

LOS ANGELES, March 3 /PRNewswire/ --

This week, renowned ED HARDY clothing designer, Christian Audigier, formerly of Von Dutch fame, and his company, Nervous Tattoo, Inc. obtained a Preliminary Injunction against JLJ Inc. dba Jes Joy Inc. aka Joy Jeans and other related defendants, for alleged trademark and copyright infringement relating to counterfeit Ed Hardy apparel as indicated in documents filed in the United States District Court, for the Central District of California.

The Ed Hardy clothing line, designed by Christian Audigier, a favorite of celebrities since its introduction, features the tattoo inspired artwork of famed artist Don Ed Hardy.

The Court issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting JOY JEANS and its customers from further manufacturing, selling or advertising any of ED HARDY knockoffs.

Mr. Audigier's company is expected to seek significant monetary damages against this and other infringers. Mr. Audigier stated that the company takes counterfeiting most seriously and has a number of domestic and international lawsuits in the pipeline to address an increase in such activity that accompanied the brand's recent and phenomenal success.

Nervous Tattoo, Inc. dba Ed Hardy is represented in the litigation by Farhad Novian, Esq. and Emily S. Levin, Esq. of Novian & Novian, LLP, in Century City California.


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