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Edmund Burke

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tabberones Hall Of Shame

There is a couple of people who have a site where they have set themselves up as God's, they even have a "Hall of Shame" (laughing)and put me in it.
This blog is to shine some light on exactly what they do. Now you have to understand that the couple who do this are not nice people, not exactly someone I would want for a neighbor. I think they may not even believe in God, from a remark that they made, so this would certainly explain why they do what they do and why they say the horrible things they say about me and a lot of other's, the word evil comes to mind.
They offer to let the poor people in their "Hall of Shame" (laughing) a chance to rebut, but I have sent them a couple of emails that they would not put on their site...probably because I was being nice.

Also, they have a real creative imagination, they must have a lot of time on their hands....for they not only have publicised what I have written to Ebay, but they have actually invented a lot of things I never said.
They have gone so far as to call me ugly names, and accuse me of being someone else. They actually "lifted" my copyrighted photo and artwork off my site and accused me of using symbols and artwork that I had not paid the artist for. The artwork I use on my site is paid for by me to use on my site.....they did not pay to use it...copyright infringement????? Need I say more on this issue?
They are very demented in their thinking and if you read some of the other posts in the Hall of Shame you will see a pattern. They are very mean, nasty, sick, people who love to bully. Yes, I did say can read some more on that from someone who sent them a lot of information on bullying, but of course they say it was me. Delusions...or did they just write it themselves?
Most of the people who they have gone after have not replied, sad.... there is no excuse for people to attack someone this way and think we are just going to keep still.
If they wanted to be of help to small business who sell on Ebay, they could have done it with more class. The fact that they resort to name calling only shows us what they are really like, low class trailer trash that have found a way to make themselves seem "important" by destroying others. Yes their site is very "important".....(laughing)it really "looks" important.....ROF!
Seeing that all of us are going to have an interview with God eventually I would hate to be in their shoes....and yes even if you don't believe in God, Satan does. Not believing does not make it a is just your beliefs.....

Posted by Sharon Teal-Coray at 8:18 PM

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